The School of Head Bobbing

The ‘Proximity!’ Game
February 14, 2023
‘It’s GOING to Happen!’  aka  It’s ‘GOING’ to Happen!
March 5, 2023

On any day you might see the Waldos driving by in the four-door 1966 Chevy Impala with their heads bobbing inside the car along the window line.  Music was always playing in the car.  And often when the music was upbeat, quick rhythmic, bouncy, jazzy or cartoonish sounding in any way, a Waldos head would bob up and down joyfully to the rhythm of the music.  The bouncy head bob was primarily up and down rather than to side to side or back and forth (although there could be a bit of that motion too.)  

After Waldo Steve started the head bob, Waldo Larry started a ‘side to side’ movement of the head without any up and down.  And it really wasn’t to the rhythm of the music.  To Steve it wasn’t proper, and he commented that Larry wasn’t doing it correctly.  Steve tried to demonstrate to Larry how to do it properly and explain why it wasn’t a truly comical happy head bob, as performed by Larry.

Waldo Dave got irked and lashed out at Steve with, “who anointed you as the expert of proper head bobbing?”  Dave branded Steve’s attempts to instruct the other guys in these matters as The (Waldo Steve) Capper ‘School of Head Bobbing’.