The Waldos are not just about looking back —stories past — or even just about cannabis/420. The term 420 was/is only the tip-of-the iceberg of a larger and continuing Waldos Culture.

And core central to that culture is:


WALDOS APPROVED SAFARIS (experiences and adventures)

#1 Google Earth—Experienced with Oculus VR Goggles AND Oculus Touch Controllers Travel without the cost and hassles of traveling.

Talk to just about anybody anywhere and they will tell you that if they won the lottery or could retire financially sound, they would travel. But there are many obstacles. If you have the money you don’t have the time, and if you have the time you don’t have the money. For many, if they have the time and the money, they may not have the health or mobility. And for too many, if they have the time, money and the health, they still can’t travel because they must stay close to home to help other family members or friends challenged with health or money. Or maybe you just don’t want to have to put your dog or cat in boarding.

You can go travel- fly anywhere on the planet with Google Earth using Oculus Virtual Reality Goggles and the Oculus Touch controllers. Hours of fun. It’s like having your own helicopter, which can be instantly turned into your own private jet at any moment. Fly as fast or slow, or as high or low as you want. Any country or terrain. Go to remote islands or up to the top of high mountains. No restricted airspaces. No climate or weather obstacles to limit visibility.

Interesting highlights include:

The Google Earth VR program is downloaded for free.

People may be amazed to see that military bases are not blocked out. For instance, we flew down to naval airbases in San Diego, CA, both Coronado Island and Miramar Naval Air Station, and was able to see every building, fighter jet and aircraft on base at the time (the satellite flew over to capture this for Google Earth).

You are able to view the most exclusive and gated homes/communities/properties anywhere in the world....Beverly Hills, Malibu, homes of celebrities and billionaires, etc.

See your own home, or be nosy and see all of your neighbors properties from above. Many people are amazed to identify their very own car sitting in their driveway.

Quickly head out into space and look at the earth as a globe. Turn the globe as you wish, to look at any continent, country, state, or city, and then quickly zoom down to that chosen place for exploration.

Some limitations to be aware of include:

Like all other technology, every once in a while something crashes (ex. a needed update for the Oculus Touch controllers stops them from working, or something needs to be recalibrated or reset.)

When you fly low over an area sometimes it takes an extra half second or so for trees, buildings, or landscapes to fill in.

Although they are clearly identifiable and accurate, buildings tend to look a little bit like an architect’s model. You get used to this very fast and it does not limit the enjoyment of the experience.

Sometimes when flying low over certain areas the program will temporarily stall. In such cases all you have to do is back out…increase your altitude, and then fly back in again. Or fly back in again to that same spot from a different angle, or at a different rate of descent.

#2 Introduction to Virtual Reality- Felix and Paul Studios— Oculus Studios — Video 360° —Oculus Rift

This short movie-photographic demo/program is a must see in 360 degrees VR with the Oculus Rift Goggles. You are transported in person, into another world. The sound is so very real. Escapism at its best. This particular demo is not the animation/cartoons that you may have seen before.

Few people have any idea of the incredible experiences VR can offer. Many have seen lousy VR demos/programs in a mall, computer store or science museum, and with inferior goggles. They come away unimpressed, dizzy or nauseous, unaware that they have seen the worst one-dimensional representation of VR. Too many have only seen disorienting animation and cartoon gaming— shooting, being shot at, fighting, war, violence, coaster rides, etc. — and that is what they erroneously conclude ALL of VR experience to be.

They have no clue of the other VR world of ‘photographic’ live movie clips/adventures taken by 360° VR cameras. Or, of animations that reach the realm of photographic/live experience (ie. dinosaur clip in the demo listed above).

Travel, sports documentaries, etc.,…an entire new world of escapism. Check this out in 360° and you will see the future of VR ahead of us.