Uh Who Told You That? The Guy Who Sells You the Stuff? ™

Because ice cream doesn’t have teeth ™
September 26, 2019
I Yi Yi Gabba” (pronounced Eye Yi Yi Gabba) ™
September 26, 2019

Uh Who Told You That Backstory

One Waldo’s father was a Brooklyn-born and raised fellow who had already been living in California for many years (by the time his Waldo son was a teen), however, a number of N.Y. traits remained.  Among them were a Brooklyn accent and a depression-era no nonsense hard dose of skepticism and distrust of most things.   When the young Waldo suggested a vitamin supplement to him, and enthusiastically touted a few of the benefits of the vitamin, the dad’s immediate dismissive response was;  “Uh Who Told You That?  The Guy Who Sells You the Stuff?”   

The Brooklyn-accented product rejection was the exact opposite of an anticipated enthusiastic product embrace.  The Waldos thought the skepticism was quite funny and immediately started doing a Brooklyn-accented impersonation of him….  “Uh Who Told You That?  The Guy Who Sells You the Stuff?”

(Easily applied when any one Waldo shared the benefits of anything with any other Waldo).