Waldo Access

In the 70’s, many places had no security at all; ie., underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, airports, airport runways, etc. When there was security, or the Waldos did not want to pay to get in somewhere, creativity and cunning took over and the Waldos ALWAYS found a way in.

One time the teen Waldos Larry and Dave, exceptionally high, arrived at a rock concert at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco and saw roadies lifting in a heavy piano. The Waldos jumped right in to help lift… right into the concert hall, … and then hid in a closet until show time. They emerged from the closet, sat down, and both of them began hearing what sounded like a herd of sheep baying behind them which prompted them to run up a flight of stairs and into an office….coming face-to-face with legendary (Fillmore and Winterland) rock impresario/producer Bill Graham. It was the early 70s and Bill knew that all the hippies were taking massive amounts of drugs at all of his concerts, but in Waldo style, Waldo Larry made a mockery of it. Waldo Larry, too high, timidly asked—“Mr. Graham, is it cool to smoke dope in here? Graham yelled twice, “Is it cool to smoke here?”, “Is it cool to smoke dope at my show?” And then Graham erupted, “YOU FUCKING YO-YO’s!” With double fists, nostrils flaring and steam pouring out of his ears, Bill Graham came after the Waldos, but the Waldos escaped into the thick smoke of the dimly lit concert crowd.

In many instances there was no need to ‘sneak’ into places. As a group, the Waldos were able to make instant friends and crack people up, which often opened doors. When the going got tough, Waldo Mark had a way of befriending anybody anywhere, with a special penchant for instantly befriending security guards; next thing you know they are letting the Waldos through.