Waldo Back-Up Smash ™

Bing Bong Ding Dong Ding ™
September 26, 2019
Norman’s in Nevada???!!! ™
September 26, 2019

Not really a catchphrase but rather a Waldo Signature gag.  This is a minor faux auto accident that takes special comedic advantage of passengers in a car in which a Waldo is the driver.    It is staged in only one specific driving situation… backing up…when passengers are exceptionally vulnerable to its effects.  

Typically, a Waldo is backing up in a parking lot.  All of a sudden there’s a sudden strong jolt, with a large smash noise.  The passenger instantly concludes something has been hit from behind and the lightening-quick passenger reaction is always one of shock, fright, or astonishment.  The instant the passenger realizes they’ve been had, they have a good laugh with us.  What else could you expect from the Waldos?  

The effect is so real—on the level of a good magic trick. The Waldo’s may someday reveal all the secrets to pulling off this Waldo Signature gag so well.

Originated by Waldo Larry, it is still pulled off on unsuspecting passengers expertly by all of the Waldos to this very day…when all of the Waldos are in their 60s.