In the early 70’s the Waldos of Marin County had absolutely no idea that their private joke code of ‘420’ would ever turn into anything that would last through decades, or spread nationally and internationally. So, there was never any reason to film document anything.

At the time, the Waldos were always too busy figuring out the next missions to take and going on the planned adventures, while avoiding the police at all times. Nevertheless for reasons unknown, the family eight millimeter camera was borrowed once or twice and a few seconds of original 70’s footage exists.

The original Waldomobile is clearly captured. A few seconds of Marin County, California counterculture 70’s people are captured. There is a second of longhair Waldo Steve in a field doing a pantomime robot (in 1971 when nobody had ever seen it done before). And there is longhair Waldo Dave walking down Market Street and in San Francisco.