Waldos NFT by Notable Rock Artist

The Waldos are extremely pleased to announce (for sale) art created by notable American Rock artist Stanley Mouse aka Mouse, depicting their true story of the creation of ‘420’– as an NFT or Non Fungible Token— extremely limited collectible art in digital form. And also, limited edition signed poster prints. Limited to 30 prints signed by Mouse and the Waldos.

Stanley Mouse is notable for his 1960’s psychedelic rock poster designs, valuable Fillmore Posters, and his well known album covers for the Grateful Dead, Journey, Steve Miller and other bands. The art promoting the San Francisco music scene became instant collectibles and went far beyond the local scene to reach museums worldwide.

Mouse did the first eight album covers for the Grateful Dead, including the delightful Ice Cream Kid/Rainbow Foot cover for their Europe 72 live album. He created the Grateful Dead skeleton and roses motif. He also did several album covers for Journey, including Infinity, Escape and Captured.

The Waldos art shows the Waldos driving on the Marin County Pt. Reyes Peninsula searching for a marijuana grow patch drawn in a treasure map given to them by a friend. The Waldos have a Grateful Dead logo on the hood of their car and are depicted as skeletons, by association, due to the Waldos connections with the band. The time to begin the search was always 4:20… further clearly displayed.

This art would be a treasured purchase-investment for Dead Heads, the Cannabis industry or enthusiasts, and Rock Art Collectors. Early or other inquiries such as media interest may reach us at our email 420Waldos@gmail.com.

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The NFT’s may be viewed here!

Contact our Email at Contact Us at this 420Waldos site for information about purchase of NFTs.