“Fffft Zoit” Backstory ™

Miss Sorelle was a San Rafael High School teacher who taught journalism and English. She was very hip, influenced by all that was going on in the early 70’s. Waldo Steve was in her journalism class. She announced at the very beginning of the year that everybody in the class MUST keep a notebook and that students MUST write in it EVERY day. There were no rules beyond that...no right or wrong as to what you put in the notebook. Anything and everything was fair game. You could write something at any length you choose, but you must write something every day. It could be a story, a poem, a political rant, a drawn picture, a complaint, a confession, your experience on drugs, etc. Anything, in any form, would qualify.

To fulfill his daily assignment, Waldo Steve got extremely high and went and sat down between the high school metal shop, wood shop, and auto shop. He took out a notebook and wrote down every noise he heard coming out of those shops, exactly as he heard them. The various machines and tools heard went zeerit, zeerit, zeerit, zeerit, zeep, zeep, zeep, zeep, faaaaaaa, hing hing hong, ka, ka, ka, ka, ka, ka, ka, wingraw, wingraw, wingraw. Other went gret, gret, gret, gret, taka, taka, taka, taka, shi shi shi shi shi, ree ree ree ree ree, and one went voova, voova, vooova, vooooooova, voova, vooova, vooooova. One noise that was heard was zoit, zoit, zoit, zoit.

Waldo Steve took the noise “Zoit! Back to the Waldos and it became a popular Waldo noise. Then, one time the Zoit noise was uttered just after taking a large hit off a joint. Waldo Mark combined the mouth smoke-sucking noise Fffffft with the Zoit to become Ffffffft Zoit! This combo became a favorite for messing with San Francisco tourists.