B I’m Floating™ Cratty Man

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September 16, 2021
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October 5, 2021

B, … I’m Floating!™

The Waldos had and still have a friend named Rick Cratty … We call him Cratty Man.

Whenever you would get high with Cratty Man you would end up with an earful from him— intense, boundless speeches/discussions about certain subjects, and of certain natures: cosmic, esoteric, psychology and advanced consciousness, futurism, energies.. Tesla energy, magnetic energy, gravitational fields, etc., the nature of reality and other dimensions, physics, telepathy, psychic phenomena, engineering and electronics, synchronicity, ESP, self improvement.  The discussions would seem promising, with a possibility that all this cosmic exploration might eventually provide powerful magical answers to getting ahead of normal-reality mayhem and bullshit.  You wondered if it all might lead to something transformational … be the magical keys to evolve.  You would also listen to him and wonder; … is he a  visionary?… or, a space cadet (sharing ultimately meaningless quixotic ramblings)?

The Waldos enjoyed Cratty Man’s enthusiastic speeches.. which were interesting ‘to a point’.  The Waldos joked about the point in time in every Cratty Man conversation at which it all turned too far out, and funny……
And a component of these discussions was that they were (while) on mind-altering drugs.  Intertwined with all of the cosmic ideas, Cratty Man would also in-the-moment narrate his drug trips … pepper his conversation with what he was seeing, hearing, and experiencing.  One time when extremely high and verbally describing his drug experience, Cratty Man blurted out ….   “B”, (short for bro), “I’m floating!” . 

That became the Waldos joke/impersonation/catchphrase to sum up Cratty Man in general, and things esoteric, ethereal or airy fairy he always expounded upon.   We also ended up using it to joke about other people going off on like subjects.  “B”, “I’m floating!”