There’s Bubbles in the Toilet ™

B I’m Floating™ Cratty Man
September 29, 2021
Peer Pressure, Peer Pressure, Peer Pressure! ™
March 22, 2022

After high school, one Waldo became a resident manager for a small apartment building.  With the connection, other Waldos moved into the building soon after. 
As with any other apartment building, tenants phoned or left voice messages for the  manager with complaints and repair requests.  One day there was a message received from an older woman with the ultimate tenant complaint (that we could all laugh about again and again, and impersonate/catchphrase) … “There’s Bubbles in the Toilet.”

She actually left three separate complaints, different variations about bubbles in the toilet that we enjoyed listening to.  In one of them she said she was scared of the bubbles.  It seemed to us Waldos, … in a list of ALL of the things in life to be scared of … nothing could be lower on the list than ‘bubbles in the toilet.’