Zoit! ™” or “ F F F T Zoit! ™
September 26, 2019

Many people have wondered what “EYOT” (pronounced eeyot) might mean, as it is included on the The Waldos’ Original 420 flag.

“Eyot!” was/is often said to unsuspecting strangers for the purpose of secretly laughing at their reaction or response to it, or secretly laughing at their total obliviousness to the sound.

Originally it was nothing more than a meaningless sound or noise, however, it also came to be a wild-card word or noise that could be used to comment on anything, anybody, any time, any experience. Its basic expression was/is, “It’s all too weird and funny!”. “Eyot!” was always used by itself as a comment, and never used with other words.

Waldo Jeff’s father was a high level NARC/narcotics officer with the San Francisco Police Department. He heard the Waldos utter the noise and had maddening suspicions that it was a drug reference (even though it wasn’t)… and hit peaks of frustration wondering what it was, and trying to figure it out.