‘It’s GOING to Happen!’  aka  It’s ‘GOING’ to Happen!

The School of Head Bobbing
March 5, 2023

‘It’s GOING to Happen! is The Waldos catchphrase/joke for a special moment in a Waldo’s life (and probably in your own life); it is an in-the-moment hard realization when you know for absolute sure that something good or memorable is going to happen.  Whatever it was you were anticipating or hoping for, it will very soon no longer be just a wish, a hypothetical, a dream, or a non-tangible idea.   It is a seemingly unstoppable moment where nothing could possibly reverse the course.

It can be a shock of reality that this episode will really happen; a remarkable aha moment.  Part of you is saying or internally narrating, ‘Hey, this is really happening and it’s about to happen right now!’   One is joyful and laughing about the lucky break– a surreal moment of ‘hooray’.

Although the catchphrase can apply to other moments in life, the most pure and quintessential usage and most common Waldos usage is in anticipation of physical romance.  For example, when clothes start flying off.

(It doesn’t have to be about romance, it could be about anything.  For example, a guy named Randy does bad deeds and harms others.  If anybody deserves karma or punishment for doing bad it is surely Randy.  And then you get some news that the well-deserved punishment will actually soon be delivered.  One might laugh and declare, ‘It’s GOING to happen!’)

‘It’s GOING to Happen’ is an acute awareness or realization, and chuckle, that something out of the ordinary is about to REALLY transpire.  Naturally, ‘It’s GOING to Happen!’ occurs in socializing, … recounting and telling others fun stories about our out-of-the ordinary experiences.