Look at Yourself!!! ™

The “I’ve Got It All” rant ™
October 22, 2019
Crazy Patrick ™
September 16, 2021

Cannabis in the 70’s (and 60’s and 80s) was never consistent in strain, quality, intensity or effect.  From batch to batch you never knew what you were getting, and it could’ve been smuggled in from anywhere in the world.  There were times when a very powerful effect might sneak up on you.  As a result, the Waldos (and just about everybody else who ever got high on a fairly regular basis) had one or more surprising episodes of ‘real stoned’ or even, ‘I’m TOO stoned’. 
The Waldos enjoyed turning an episode of real stoned or too stoned into a fun moment where you could laugh at yourself.  We would pick up a hand held mirror (the kind found in any drug store, beauty shop or variety store) and hold it up to the face of the real or too-stoned person and get them to see the funniness of it all (themselves, and the predicament of getting too stoned.) With a hand held mirror close up in their face we would get them (or you) onto the humor-laugh plane with the ‘joking’ commanding orders of,
“Look at yourself!!   
“Look at what you’ve become!” 
“See what you’ve turned into!”
There was one level of humor in having a mirror shoved in front of your face when the primary goal was getting you to laugh at yourself.  But there was an additional joke in your Waldo brother’s nag-command to “Look at yourself!”— a funny Waldo PERSISTENCE THAT YOU MUST SUCCUMB to having a laugh at yourself.

It always worked successfully and the Waldos all laughed about it together.