The Tropic of Oknaton

Tiny Mind’ Narrations
January 29, 2023
The ‘Proximity!’ Game
February 14, 2023

The Waldos could get creative in describing a cannabis episode of ‘extremely stoned or too spaced out’.  We came up with new names to describe the too-high experience, or place you went to, before coming back down to earth.  Or you might make up a name afterwards to describe an experience that was forever memorable.

Simply describing the experience as ‘exceptionally high‘ or  ‘too stoned’ or ‘spaced’ was never descriptive enough.  So we made up new names;   “I got so high, ”….

“I went to The Tropic of Oknaton” 

“I visited The Den of Shmebes”

…There were many other names, easily derived whenever one went to the zone beyond King’s Neptune’s radiation belt.