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September 26, 2019
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September 26, 2019

As in the name Emilio…pronounced Eemeelio.   A back and forth multiple “hello” greeting between two Waldos, that sometimes would turn into a little competition to see who could say it the most enthusiastically, and also who could put the most emphasis on the “mee” portion of Eemeelio. 

Emilio would be fun to say because the ‘meelio’ portion would just roll off the tongue.


Waldo Steve was in San Diego and went to see the band Tower of Power at the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach.

He arrived early in the afternoon (for some reason he doesn’t remember.)  The Tower of Power bandleader Emilio Castillo was standing in the middle of the sparsely populated lobby by himself.  All of a sudden, some family member or close friend of Emilio showed up with about a dozen people to meet Emilio and see the show later on.  Emilio stood in one place while the family member (or friend) introduced each individual in a line of people that would move by him like people on a conveyor belt.  Polite and kind, one-by-one Emilio would stick out his hand to shake theirs and announce his name “Emilio”, and nothing else.

The next day, Steve flew back to Northern California to attend a party that Waldo Mark was throwing while Mark’s folks were out of town.  Waldo Steve stood in the arch of the front door of Mark’s house, and personally greeted every single individual entering the party by  (robotically similar) sticking out his hand and emoting “Emilio”. Finally, Waldo Larry came to the front door and the two Waldos, very happy to see each other, started enthusiastically saying Emilio back and forth.   It turned into a competition, … who could say it the most enthusiastically?