Gravely or Growling—“Eh, Eh, Eh” ™

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October 21, 2019
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October 22, 2019

This is a Waldo catchphrase/sound effect that covers most anything and everything about the world of overeating.   Overeating is such a big part of life, past and present, in certain restaurants that serve big portions, on Holidays, etc., etc., etc.
This is an all-encompassing joke/noise about overeating.  Examples:

Sitting before an enormous spread or plate of food just placed in front of you – “Eh, Eh, Eh”

Just having finished a huge meal and sitting back with a full stomach – “Eh, Eh, Eh”

A Waldo form of grace – “Lets eat! Eh, Eh, Eh”

Seeing someone pile their plate high at a buffet – -“Eh, Eh,Eh”

 (This noise/phrase was NOT said to anybody overweight, or about individuals, but rather was about the ‘activity’ of overeating.)

Eh, Eh, Eh, Backstory Origin

Danny is Waldo Dave’s older brother.  Danny loved all the Waldo jokes and laughed a lot at all of them.  He also loved to eat, and made no bones about it.   Danny’s widely varying multi-tonal distinct laugh included a gravely “eh, eh, eh”.  For the Waldos, the lower register of this love-to-eat hippy’s jolly laugh came to be associated with anything and everything overeating