Noises and Vocalizations of the 420Waldos

‘420’ Was Only One of Dozens of Waldo Catchphrases—Part of a True Larger Comedic Waldo Culture

September 26, 2019

Emilio ™

As in the name Emilio…pronounced Eemeelio.   A back and forth multiple “hello” greeting between two Waldos, that sometimes would turn into a little competition to see […]
September 26, 2019

The Office ™

A large rock near the summit of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County was deemed ‘The Office’.   There is no law that an office must include a […]
September 26, 2019

You’re a Waldo Shecky / You’re a Shecky Waldo ™

A phrase the Waldos would say to each other anytime,… and at our choice we would reverse the two names Waldo and Shecky, Each one of […]
September 26, 2019

Bing Bong Ding Dong Ding ™

A phrase to refer to smoking or taking a hit of cannabis, or say when taking a hit of cannabis. At the very beginning of its […]
September 26, 2019

Waldo Back-Up Smash ™

Not really a catchphrase but rather a Waldo Signature gag.  This is a minor faux auto accident that takes special comedic advantage of passengers in a […]
September 26, 2019

Norman’s in Nevada???!!! ™

Impersonation/catchphrase of Waldo Steve’s Brooklyn accented dad’s high-pitched exasperated astonishment called out on a ski trip, when it was suddenly realized back at the cabin in […]